Why Us

With many years of marketing and customer service experience, we know how you feel and what you need. We will provide all features that no one else does.

1. Direct credit card gateway processing, which also means Security. No more information explore to public. No more credit card scams, mistakes and disputes.

2. Next day deposit. No more 30 days balance holding. All Credit card processing are directly linked to your own bank account, all credit will deposit into your bank account within 24 hours.

3. All orders will directly Fax to your restaurant, we understand all restaurants will have a different peak time, in order to ensure restaurant will receive accurate Fax, we will re-send fax to your restaurant for each failure attempt. If the fax line is still busy after 10 trials, we will notify you by Text message or Email. We will also provide you a administrator console to manage today orders or reprint orders.

4. Our platform allows you to display your restaurant menu as the way you want to be. Every order will contain different sizes, different prices, different side orders or optional choices to suit your need.

5. Change prices, add or remove orders are much easier than before, you can customize your own menu in 2 minutes in our administrator console. Simply login to the administrator console and you can do it all. You may want to update your weekly or monthly promotions in there as well.

6. Owning your unique domain. All customers will own a domain 100% belongs to you, customized domain name will assist you to stand out your business. We will help promoting your domain to Google search engine and link it with rating companies like Yelp.com.

7. We provide Free PDF Menu listing or Online order in a affordable and comparable price. Starting at $1.00 per order!!! Yes, you are right, $1 only.

We offer Risk Free Trial. No Deposit, No Down Payment, No Contract.

Why are you still waiting?

Call us now at 347-966-6666.

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